First she made a chartreuse house,
And then a purple cat,
I wondered what was going on,
Was this child daft?
And then she drew a dog of blue,
Beside an orange tree,
I was feeling some concern,
This child baffled me.
I took her by the hand,
And led her to a pool,
Beside it sat an ugly frog,
Which the child thought was cool.
She studied it with interest,
"Now, draw the frog," I said,
The next day at school, she did,
But she made the poor frog red.
Then I looked at all her drawings,
The house, the dog, the frog,
And I wondered why this small child,
Chose colors that seemed odd.
So, when I could, I asked her teacher,
About the strange hues she had used,
She smiled apologetically,
And said, "I'm sorry you're confused."
"You know, school supplies are very scant,
And we can't afford a lot,
The children trade-off their crayons,
With what the other kids have got."
"Because they don't have all the colors,
Does not mean there are restraints,
They'll still get their finished picture,
As long as they share their paints."
Well, I got her point,
Because life is like that, too,
The tools that we are given,
Are the ones that we must use.
We all have different tools ... or skills,
And things of wonder can be done,
If we share our tools with one another,
And let them work together, as if one.
So if she brings more drawings home,
Of green horses or pink cows,
This precious child's been sharing again,
And she deserves a ... WOW!.

Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
copyright 2001

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