This morning I awakened,
With a poem inside my head.
Where did my verses come from?
Was it something that God said?

Then, I began to wonder,
How do thoughts originate?
Do they really come from God?
Is He saying, "GO - CREATE!"

Then I question who am I?
Why would God have chosen me?
Such arrogance is shameful,
Forgive my vanity.

Why would a sinner such as I,
Be given holy words to write?
"That God works in mysterious ways,"
Clearly does not give me rights.

True, I speak fine words of love,
Of Spirit, God, and Christ.
Of forgiveness and repentance,
And Salvation's costly price.

But if I insist on my own theme,
The words simply will not flow.
I have to wait for God to lead,
And show me where to go.

I thank you God, for waking me,
With special words inside my head,
I write them down as best I can,
Because they're clearly what you said.

Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
copyright 2001

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