Because you died so very young,
To me, you'll always be
Youthful, handsome, beautiful,
You've not grown old like me.
I've not seen you with a wrinkle,
Nor gray specks in your hair,
Nor long-in-tooth, nor with a paunch,
And no flab anywhere.

 I like to imagine, dear,
How you would look today,
I think you'd be more handsome now,
With your hair a silver gray.
And it would lie in lovely waves
Above your well-tanned brow,
Your eyes would be so full of life,
I can see them twinkling now.
You'd walk erect with confidence,
I'd see no hesitation,
Shoulders back - spine still straight,
Like the younger generation.
Oh, I can see you perfectly,
You can be any way I wish,
But when I look into the mirror,
I'm glad you're saved from this.
I'm glad your vision of me now
Is direct into my soul,
That you see less of this old flesh,
Since I've become so old.
I try to hide my foolish pride,
Though I can't help but be aware,
My vanity is shameful,
And I know I shouldn't care.
But if, somehow, you could come back,
I'd take you, paunch and all,
And together we would sit and laugh
That I got fat, and you got bald.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
  Copyright 2002 ~ Revised 2005

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