Relief from grief comes when we weep,
And loving arms surround us,
But sometime grief's so very deep,
There seems no help around us.
There can come a sorrow,
So shocking and profound,
That tears are not allowed to flow,
But instead, are inside bound.
The eyes are dry; the body's chilled,
The soul is all but drained,
The gnawing emptiness one feels
Is an indescribable pain.
One reaches an exhausted state,
The skin is cold like ice,
No form of warmth can penetrate,
The heart seems held within a vise.
Sleep, sleep - most blessed sleep,
God's balm to help man cope,
Awake, awake - acceptance, peace,
Eternity - man's  hope.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright July 2004




The midi file playing
is the lovely work of Margi Harrell.