Good morning, little lamb of mine,
I love your morning smile,
My baby, fresh from sleep, 
My precious angel child.
Today is like no other,
That you have seen before,
It holds new and great adventures,
And discoveries galore.
Your heart is so receptive,
As is your clear, uncluttered mind,
Each minute brings you something new,
Exciting things for you to find.

Today you may find your toes,
And I'll be as thrilled as you,
For I'll not have seen them until now,
The same way you will do.
Perhaps you'll spy a butterfly,
Also something new to see,
I'll view it through your precious eyes
Which makes it new again for me.
Catch it!  Catch it!  If you can!
Set your chubby arms a-flailing,
Gurgles, giggles, ooh's and aah's,
Our butterfly is playing.

Birds are flying overhead,
They're teasing you to view,
Your eyes may follow back and forth,
And I'll see them for the first time, too.
Your head may turn to hear their song,
Funny - so will mine,
Together, we will listen,
Together, our first time
I may put a flower in your hand,
Then your eyes will open wide,
No, No!  Do not eat the bloom,
It is not meant to go inside.

Smell it.  Touch it.  Look at it,
Nourishment for your soul,
Only God can make a flower,
It's your joy to behold.
And I'll see it, along with you,
Pretty flower - wondrous pleasure,
A nodding, bobbing bauble now,
But one day, unmeasured treasure.
Take me with you on your journey,
On your ventures - on your quests,
Let me hear and see and feel as you,
Since the first of anything is best.

Good morning, little lamb of mine,
What shall we do today?
So much to learn - so little time,
We'd best be on our way.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright July 2003 ~ Revised July 2006




The midi file is "Jesus Loves Me,"
played so beautifully by Margi Harrell.