Men from all around the world,
Were designed by God to be alike,
Two arms, two legs, two eyes, two ears,
Made quite like God ... although, not quite.
They have God's features; this is true,
In accordance with His plan,
All were made in His own image,
That's how God created man.
He gave them lungs, with which to breathe,
And hearts to pump their blood,
He gave them minds, with which to think,
And emotions to feel love.

Skin tone made no difference,
In fact, God chose its varied hues,
And hair color was no problem,
As God liked its contrast, too.
Basically all human beings
Were made to be like one another,
The plan God had in mind for them
Was to be each other's brother.
Perfect physiologically,
Man stood erect, and he walked tall,
God was proud of His accomplishment,
And never meant for man to fall.

Since men were built so much alike,
One would think they'd get along,
But something awful happened,
And something bad went wrong.
Greed and petty jealousies,
Though not part of the Master's plan,
Somehow took root and grew
In the very heart of man.
Silly spats turned into ugly wars,
Men fought and killed each other,
Some men forgot about their Lord,
And forgot all men were brothers.

God's hopes for men began to dim,
Hate was not of His design,
Just loving one another
Was all God had in mind.
Such an easy, simple plan for man,
But stubborn men would not behave,
While God, with patience, love, and grace,
Forgave them ... and forgave.
How much patience does God have?
How much torment can He take?
Will He end His love for man,
So offended by men's hate?

We, who do not stand and fight,
But just sit back and watch the fray,
Have the same amount of guilt
As those who fight this day.
It's time for man to take a stand,
In behalf of God above,
To help fulfill God's plans for man,
And extend a hand in love.
Time is swiftly passing,
Even now may be too late,
Oh, foolish man, I wonder,
When will you awake?

Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright September 2005

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