The towering Giraffe was made
To hold up the big, blue sky,
While Elephants held down the ground.
With the rest of us tucked inside.
In between was room enough
For all God's other creatures,
Those walking tall or crawling small,
Or having other features.
For instance, take the lowly snake,
That glides and slides along its way,
Or see the wiggling, squiggling fish,
That swim the waters every day.
Birds must have sky enough to fly,
And the sky be high enough for trees,
So birds can rest and make their nests,
And keep their babies safe and free.
Stars, of course, hang down from above
And rivers flow on from below, 
Mountains are anchored to the ground
Yet rise up very high, you know.
Mankind fits somewhere in between
The solid earth and airy sky,
How kind of God to so design,
The inside space for you and I.
Therefore, mankind was on God's mind,
When those two creatures He designed,
Elephants to hold down His ground,
And Giraffes to hold up His sky!
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright February 2003 ~ Revised March 2010

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