She sings Christmas Carols in July
"He is risen" in December,
Funny little lady,
Who no longer can remember.
What did she do this afternoon?
Or just the day before?
She can't recall.  Is it important?
My dear, whatever for?
A forever smile on her face,
Not a worry line in sight,
The features of a trusting child,
Her eyes feverishly bright.
She sings softly to herself,
The songs of yesteryear,
She makes up the missing words,
No problem there, my dear.
She laughs a lot and giggles, too,
Which reveals a childish dimple,
But folks who are intolerant,
Scoff and say she's "simple."
A happy little lady,
Who spends hours by herself,
Feels no need for entertainment,
Or for company or help.
Fancy clothes are not of interest,
Nor are the latest styles,
If ice-cream drips upon her dress,
She says, "Oh my," and smiles.
She ignores the wars and mayhem,
That fill-up the daily news,
She's been there and she's done that,
She's already paid her dues.
Rain or shine - it does not matter, 
With her, either way's okay,
Not a thing disturbs her,
"Tra La La,"  she's on her way.
One day, though, she disappeared,
She simply was not there,
People asked the police for help,
She was not anywhere.
Did they find her?  Yes they did,
Was she all right?  She was,
They found her at The Pancake House,
The place was all abuzz.
She'd ordered stacks and stacks of flapjacks,
And was ready to dig in,
When her worried daughter found her,
She just smacked her lips and grinned.
Funny little lady,
Marching to a different beat,
With a smile on her face,
Shuffling tired, little feet.
No aches, no pains, and no complaints,
She's happy night and day,
And, yes, God has His eye on her,
 He takes her cares away.
She may not communicate,
Too well with other folk,
But with her line direct to God,
She's not anybody's joke.
So, don't tease her or demean her,
For, in not too many years,
You may wish to be as free as she,
With no fears or tears, my dear.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
  Copyright 2002

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