My closest friend and confidante,
Was a little dog named Fred.
He wandered in one day,
Quite unheralded.
He sat down upon my stoop,
Looked up at me and cried.
I remember looking down at him,
Saying, "What's up, little guy?"
Well, sure, the little guy was hungry,
So, I quick found him a bite.
He woofed it down in no time,
My ... what an appetite.
Fred was very talented,
And he was very smart.
It took him no time at all,
To worm his way into my heart.
He'd do cute things, when of a mind,
At his own instigation.
But, if I said, "Roll over, Fred,"
He'd look at me with consternation.
Then he'd drop his body flat,
And I'd say, "Fred, you 'all fall down."
Then he proceeded to play dead,
Where he had fallen on the ground.
That earned him his just reward,
His favorite canine treat.
A tasty little tidbit,
That he dearly loved to eat.
This got to be a daily ritual,
He'd "all fall down" and "all fall dead."
Then he'd get his tasty treat to eat.
What a clever dog, this Fred.
For fifteen years Fred pulled this stunt,
Sometimes several times a day.
I'd say, "Aw, you 'all fall down,"
Then "all fall dead" he'd play.
As soon as he received his treat,
He'd get up and move around.
I had to keep those treats on hand,
For whenever Fred "fall down."
Now Fred was free to come and go,
Just as his heart desired.
He usually came in at night,
And on my bed, retired.
One evening he did not come in,
I thought, he will when he is ready.
Though I must admit I did call out,
"Where are ya,' little Freddie.
I went to bed and fell asleep,
He did not show up that night.
While unlike Fred to miss his bed,
I thought he was all right.
I began to look around,
When he didn't show next day.
"Hey, Freddie boy, where are you?"
I knew he wouldn't run away.
Well, at last I spotted him,
Concealed behind a tree.
He was "all fall down" upon the ground,
Playing "all fall dead" for me.
"Oh Fred, you silly thing,"
I called out with joy.
So happy I had found him,
"You're a naughty little boy."
He did not twitch a whisker,
Nor did he move his head.
I think I knew before I touched him,
Fred really was "all dead."
Well, I picked him up and held him,
Tears streaming down my cheek.
"Oh Fred, you sure did 'all fall down,'
And you did 'all fall asleep.'"
Then I buried Fred beneath a bush,
His favorite place to nap.
I recall how he'd reach up sometimes,
And give that bush a whack.
Before I covered up his grave,
I made two additions.
One - a blossom from that bush,
And two - a treat for his position.
"Yes, Fred, you're 'all fall down,'
And, for sure, you're 'all fall dead.'
But now you'll 'all fall down' to God,
Who has treats unlimited."
"Goodnight, Freddie"
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
copyright 8/2000


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