Good night, sleep tight, my little one,
Sweet dreams of balls and yarn and fun,
These things I want for you ... and more,
 When you arrive at heaven's door.
I want for you to run and play,
And smell the flowers every day,
Investigate each thing that's new,
 Nothing again can ever hurt you.
I pray the Lord will let you nap,
While holding you upon His lap,
That He will touch your small, sweet face,
That you'll be healed and feel His grace.
I pray He'll stroke and rub your fur,
And that you'll thank Him with your purrs,
Then I'll speak up and thank Him, too,
For being kind ... and loving you.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright April 2007
For My Ms Lucy
August 1990 ~ March 2007
Ms Lucy had developed a malignant growth on her face, which was
surgically removed December 2006.  It grew back, of course, as the Vet
said it would, and it was larger and more uncomfortable than before.  Thus,
by late March 2007, it was determined the kindest and wisest thing to do
was to let her go mercifully in her sleep.  She crossed over the Rainbow
Bridge the morning of March 30, 2007.  I miss her with all my heart, but
I know she is in excellent hands and is now being cared for better than ever.

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