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Through the mist I saw them,
The two black silhouettes,
Atop the winding mountain trail,
An intriguing sight I won't forget.
I stood very still and watched,
 As they came slowly 'round the bend,
Then they seemed to disappear,
The fog had swallowed them.
No, wait - a gust of wind blew through,
Revealing them once more,
Still silhouetted in the mist,
Yet, a bit clearer than before.
Arm in arm and on and on,
The shadowy couple moved,
In and out the mist and fog,
Yet somehow staying within view.
As they approached, I tried to hide,
Too late - they spotted me,
As one, they turned, reversed their steps,
Moving back up toward the trees.
"Wait!" I called, "I mean no harm!"
Again the fog filled up the air,
And when it shifted, they were gone,
Not a sign that they'd been there.
Curiosity took hold of me,
As I followed up their trail,
Cautiously with care I hiked,
Seeing poorly through the veil.
The velvet silence of the fog,
Resounded in my ear,
It wrapped itself around me,
I was clothed in icy fear.
I drew my blazer closer,
A chill had settled in,
But onward, upward I kept climbing,
Though my vision still was dimmed.
The couple now completely gone.
I walked on alone,
When the sound of footsteps startled me,
I laughed.  They were my own.
I finally reached the mountain peak,
The fog at last began to lift,
And there was my silhouetted pair,
Poised on the mountain cliff.
Off at the side, I saw a sign,
Which gave me quite a rush,
The hand-carved, Gothic letters spelled
Words that were incredulous.
"LOVER'S LEAP"  the old sign read,
Its arrow pointing downward,
I'd known this place for many years,
But to be here now seemed awkward.
The couple I'd been trailing
Then leaped from the precipice!
In horror, I ran to the edge,
As they disappeared into the mist.
They did not drop like dead-weight rocks,
They simply floated into space,
Hand in hand, the two of them,
Like so much frilly lace.
Did I just witness suicides?
No, I think that I did not,
I saw two wayward spirits,
Condemned in death to haunt this spot,
Perhaps in the past this couple,
With unrequited love,
Did leap to their untimely deaths,
Thus, could not rest above.
On misty days and foggy nights,
Perhaps they're fated now to roam
The mountain trails and mountain paths,
Their resting place unknown.
I sent a prayer into the air,
I said, "God, please look after them,
And protect young lovers from such fate,
Let this not be their requiem."
Then I went back to where I came from,
Somewhat troubled, but resigned,
I knew that swirling fogs and mists
Could play tricks upon one's mind.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright August 2002





The midi "Dreamscape" is courtesy of Bruce DeBoer.


Many thanks for help with the fog to Jean Farrow.