Flower talk is universal,
Requiring no translation,
It is understood around the world,
In every land and nation.
There are messages in flowers,
Of comfort, love and peace,
They offer tidings without speaking,
And special meanings are released.
Beautiful bouquets and sprays,
Bring kisses and warm hugs,
And the thoughts that they convey,
Are sweet messages of love.
One blossom on an ugly weed,
May be faded, plain, and small,
But there is power in that flower,
Though it does not appeal to all.
But if offered from the grubby fist,
Of a dirt-streaked little boy,
How could any Mom resist,
Feeling heartfelt joy.
Rifts are sometimes healed by flowers,
And ill feelings oft reversed,
"Please forgive me; I'm so sorry,"
Say the flowers ... without words.
Bright flowers foster smiles,
And cheer downtrodden souls,
They're good for mending broken hearts,
And they can comfort and console.
Flowers say, "Congratulations!
How proud we are of you!
Good Job!  Well Done!  You're Tops!
We knew you'd make it through!"
"I miss you, and I love you!
I really, REALLY care!
I'm thinking of you right this moment,
And wishing I were there."
A fragrant bloom in a lapel,
Of a man, walking down the aisle,
Says, "I love you," to the lady,
Who walks beside him, with a smile.
Her bouquet, too, expresses bliss,
As the two of them depart,
She tosses it to a favored friend,
As love flows from her heart.
"Happy Birthday!  Merry Christmas!
Please be my Valentine!
Good-bye!  So Long!  And Bon Voyage!
Have a Wonderful Time!"
"These flowers are for you,
Just because you're on my mind,
Thanks for all you've done for me,
How sweet you are ... and kind."
"Farewell, dear friend, I'll miss you,
Though heaven's not that far away,
Each blossom is a kiss for you,
As it is placed here at your grave."
Oh, the messages that flowers bring
Are far beyond the human voice,
And their talk, indeed, more meaningful,
Than any words of human choice.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright September 2006