Every family has one,
A few have two or more,
Sometimes they're warmly loved,
Other times they are ignored.

It may be a spinster sister,
Who almost became a nun
Or a wild bachelor brother,
Much too adventuresome.

The son who never married,
The daughter who never wed,
The bridesmaid or best man,
At friends' weddings then instead.

Fun for a niece or nephew,
A grandparent's shining light,
A Mom and Dad's big worry,
A matchmaking friend's delight.

A last minute party escort,
Or a guest at dinner tables,
A favorite baby sitter,
Available and able.

Independent as a hog on ice,
Probably successful,
Great, when young or middle-aged,
When old, could be distressful.

But ...  ice cream, books, and songs,
And lovers, friends, and God,
Provide for those who are alone,
So do not think them odd.

Thus, save your pity and your tears,
No reason for such gloom,
For these fifth wheels are richly blest,
Yes! Each has his own bathroom!
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
September 2004 ~ Revised November 2005

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