How elegant the elephant,
How magnificent the beast,
How powerful and commanding,
Yet only seeks to walk in peace.
Swaying, lumbering giants,
Observant, intelligent, wise
Whose creed is live and let live,
Great wisdom behind those eyes.
Protective, possessive, pachyderms,
That love their families more than life,
How well they teach their offspring,
To tend each other all their lives.
Weight lifters of the jungle,
Bulldozers of the plains,
Powerful beasts of burden,
Carry loads like railroad trains.
Their size alone intimidating,
Men harness them for heavy tasks,
Then train them to cheer light-minded folk,
In self-demeaning comic acts.
Sad victims of the greed of man,
Priceless ivory bearers,
Fear no animal alive,
Just man - their greatest terror.
For shame, man, you've done it again,
You've doomed a creation of God's,
A heart lies inside that toughened hide,
What are you thinking of!
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright 2000
Revised  2002