From my sparkling kitchen window,
When the morning light was right,
I could see the little fellow,
And I would ponder on his plight.
He hung upon a slender thread,
Which each day grew a bit,
At least, it seemed it did to me,
Unless my eyes were playing tricks.
Most people don't like spiders,
They are ugly, little bugs,
But God Himself created them,
So, at least, from Him they get some love.
I believed my little spider
Had big plans on his mind,
Like trying to reach another limb,
On his tiny thread, so fine.
Every morning, as he labored,
I urged my little guy along,
"Go," I'd whisper through the window,
"Just keep on keepin'on!"
I couldn't help but wonder why
Spiders do what spiders do,
What is their motivation?
I didn't have a clue.
Why spend one's life just hanging on?
How dull that sounds to me,
Though I s'pose it could be fun,
If one were swinging from a tree.
But each morning there I was
At the window ... till it seemed
It had become a habit,
Part of my regular routine.
Then one day, when I looked out,
There appeared before my eyes,
Another dangling spider,
Well ... imagine my surprise.
It was dancing on its own, fine line,
Quite close to my wee friend,
Wow! A drama in the making!
Who could predict its end?
I watched in utter fascination,
As each day nearer came their threads,
Probably my imagination,
But I thought I saw their bobbing heads.
So, now I had two spiders,
With which to start my day,
"Aha," I thought, "I'll tell no one,
Lest they come take me away."
But every single morning,
When I was out of bed and up,
I'd rush out to the kitchen,
And grab my coffee cup.
I'd sip my coffee at the window,
While staring through the pane,
Then I'd try to gauge the distance,
That over night each one had gained.
It was miniscule, of course,
Often times I could not judge,
Sometimes they seemed in limbo,
And had not even budged.
One day their lines became entangled,
And closer, closer came the pair,
How sweet, I thought, they'll help each other,
And show how much they care.
I wondered what would happen next,
As the two threads became as one,
I  could not see where the first one stopped,
Nor where the second had begun.
Such funny, tiny creatures,
Swaying, playing in the wind,
Bouncing, pouncing, dancing, prancing,
Of course, I had to grin.
They enjoyed one another,
I could tell that from the start,
You know the feeling that you get
When something's touched your heart.
I spent many mornings watching them,
As I drank my coffee down,
But then one day they'd disappeared,
Both of my spiders gone!
I looked in vain; they were nowhere,
And no slender, silver threads,
I felt horror mixed with sorrow,
Were my tiny spiders dead?
In great distress, I hastily dressed,
And raced outside my kitchen door,
Perhaps a  closer look would find
What I was looking for.
I found the limb where they had been,
And I saw some rocks below,
Then with a stick I pushed and poked
Until the rocks began to roll.
And beneath some shiny, tiny stones,
I found the answer to my quest,
For there were my two spiders,
In a cozy, spider nest.
More than a dozen baby spiders,
Were crawling round and round,
Shocked and startled, I jumped back,
Though I admit I was spell-bound.
"Well, ain't nature grand!" I said to me,
As I replaced the rocks,
"As long as it's where it belongs,
Outdoors, where God hath wrought."
Creepy, crawly creatures
Are not my cup of tea
And up close and personal,
In no way appeals to me.

But from a distance, I like to watch
Their funny little ways,
Amazed how God has fashioned them,
To spend their spider days.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright February 2006

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I wish to thank Margi Harrell for her "Eency, Weency Spider" Midi.