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All morning long, she had hiked upon
The intimidating peak,
And now she stood at its very top,
A vast canyon at her feet.
Her face turned toward the warming sun,
Her cropped hair, ruffled by the breeze.
Composure showed in her relaxed stance,
She seemed undisturbed ... at ease.
From afar, I watched this woman,
She was naively unaware,
I felt like an intruder,
Who was in her space and air.
High overhead an eagle flew,
I think she caught his eye,
He circled round and round her,
Then vanished in the sky.
She waved good-bye; I saw her smile,
Then she raised her eager face,
She cupped her hands about her mouth
And called out into space.
"HELLO-O!" she sang out loud and clear,
A few seconds then elapsed,
Next I heard ("Hello-o") again,
In answer back perhaps.
"HOW ARE YOU?" the woman called,
Then ("How are you") a voice cried,
"I AM FINE," the woman said,
And ("I am fine") came the reply.
"I LOVE YOU," shouted out the lady,
And soon I heard ("I love you") back,
The monologue went back and forth,
Quite like a dialogue, in fact.
Next she exclaimed, "GOD BLESS YOU,"
Then ("God bless you")back, I heard,
She said it several times,
So more than once I heard those words.
I pondered as I watched and listened,
What kind of game was this?
So sincere this woman seemed,
This was not easy to dismiss.
She knew her words would be returned,
For echoes cannot change,
And the reflections that resulted,
Were the words she'd prearranged.
So what's the point, I questioned,
Ashamed of my slow wit,
When, at last, inside my brain,
A lucid light was lit.
Every act that men perform,
And every word they utter,
Always is returned to them,
In one way or another.
Kindliness kindles kindness,
Friendliness fosters friends,
Cheerfulness creates cheer,
 And blessings bless.  Amen.
The echo theory comes full bore,
If love is its commodity,
 For, when it's offered, all men prosper,
Proof of its validity.
So even though they're echoes,
Resounding in one's ear.
Are still the sweetest words to hear,
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright April 2006