The other night when I was sleeping,
On my roof, I heard two thuds,
Though frightened, I peeked out to see,
What had fallen from above.

Imagine my amazement!
Imagine my surprise!
When two celestial angels,
Appeared before my eyes.

"Ouch! That hurt!" one angel cried,
"Oops," the other said,
The first one rubbed her derriere,
While the other rubbed her head.

Then, two clumsy, little angels,
Flew from my roof down to the ground,
I kept my eye upon them,
What in the world had I found!

My doggy barked; my cat meowed,
Dear Lord, please help us all!
God must have had good reason,
Why those two survived their fall.

What kind of angels drop with thuds?
Imposter angels, these?
"No Ma'am," they spoke in unison,
"We are A.I.T.'s."

"Well, what are A.I.T.'s?" I asked,
I did not have a clue,
"Angels In Training, Ma'am," they said,
"We've been assigned to you."

Well, I was flabbergasted,
Two angel girls for me!
Their halos looked authentic,
Did they have A.I.T. ID's?

So I checked them out more closely,
I was suspicious of those two,
Angel girls in training - Hmph,
What was I supposed to do?

"Ma'am, you don't do anything,"
They giggled then and grinned,
"We're here to test our angel skills,
Would you like us to begin?"

Such tiny rosebud faces,
Whose petals opened as each smiled,
Already I felt lifted,
I had strangely been beguiled.

Then they danced around me,
I did not know which way to turn,
My spirits fairly soared,
As I forgot my day's concern.

They sang with bell-like voices,
Music, delicate and clear,
And I opened up my lonely heart,
So I could better hear.

"Look," said Angel Number One,
"I see our lady cries,"
True, the angel caught me,
With tears flowing from my eyes.

"Aren't we here to make her happy?"
Asked Angel Number Two,
"Ah, yes, my little sister,
"But there are tears of joy, too."

Then I felt myself near buried,
Almost engulfed by angel wings,
I was hugged and loved by angels,
Sent in training, from The King.

Never, ever had I felt,
This much love before,
Obviously, the A.I.T.'s,
Were earning their rewards.

They healed an empty heart this day,
Restored love long gone, indeed
Oh, they'll graduate with honors,
When they leave the A.I.T.'s.

Thank you, God, for sending them,
I bowed my head in prayer,
Then, I looked around; I was alone,
Two wing-like feathers in my hair.

By Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
copyright 2000 written permission needed

Dedicted with Love to Francine Pucillo and Nora Greig

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