I bought this card for you because,
I wanted you to know.
That I have had you on my mind,
And that I love you so.

It seems you got away so fast,
My good-bye was not done right
Too late now to rectify,
To say sleep well, good night.

What happened to the time?
How did it get away?
You know, I don't remember,
When your hair began to gray.

So wrapped up in myself, I guess,
My ambitions, plans, and dreams
When did you start this aging thing?
I never knew, it seems.

I remember all our good times,
And I forget the bad
I remember how you laughed a lot,
That I seldom saw you sad.

And when you were feeling low,
You knew how to stop the tears
You always seemed to wear a smile,
You rarely showed your fears.

How insensitive I was,
I ignored so many clues
When I said, "I cannot come,"
How much did that hurt you?

I always said, if things got rough,
That I would be right there
But when they did, you didn't call,
So you could not know I cared.

I came the minute that I heard,
Though much too late by then
Already you had gone away,
I could not make amends.

I never got a chance to tell you,
Thanks for this or thanks for that
I never got to say I love you,
To give you heartfelt hugs and pats.

In ways, we shut each other out,
I guess we both built walls
You tried not to be a burden,
And I oft forgot to call.

You did not want to be a bother,
And I respected you for that
But your unselfishness deprived me,
Of my own unselfish acts.

Independence may be virtuous,
Though I'm not sure it's all that wise
For it could cause someone to miss
A loved one's need kept from his eyes.

Our communication faltered,
But I should have let you know
My dear, sweet, stubborn mother,
Your stubborn daughter loved you so.

You will never get this letter,
This card will not go out
But when God deems we meet again,
Please, let's share hugs and thoughts.

Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright 2000

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