I'll be dressing up for New Years,
Though I've nothing planned to do,
I'll wear my diamond pendant,
And my diamond earrings, too.

I'll have my hair done in the morning,
Though the operator's slow,
That's because I am insistent,
On the old style you liked, Joe.

The shop will be quite busy,
I'll overhear the ladies talk
About their plans for New Years.
And the outfits they have bought.

I may feel a tinge of envy,
Though not a soul will know,
I'll joke and smile with them,
Just as I should do, Joe.

I'll tip my operator more,
When I get up to leave,
Why not an extra thank you,
For her on New Years Eve?

Later I'll go out to lunch,
Remember Old Romano's?
When I go there without you now,
They still mention your name, Joe.

They will give me our old table,
Although I wish they wouldn't,
It's difficult for me alone,
I've explained to them they shouldn't.

Their food, of course, still excellent,
Their ambience unchanged,
And they play our music, too, Joe,
Those lovely, old refrains.

Sometimes I hardly eat a bite,
To the maitre d's distress,
The lump in my throat is just too big,
I don't swallow well, I guess.

I only want to get on home,
Out of the traffic and the crowds,
I think I'm better off alone,
Sometimes the world's much too loud.

I'll take an early shower,
Careful not to muss my hair,
I'll be dressing up for New Years,
With the best I have to wear.

I'll light our candle then at Midnight,
Last year it had a special glow,
I saw you when it flickered,
You really were here, Joe.

I'll pour our favorite sparkling wine,
Its bubbles and my tears will mix,
And there you'll be, in front of me,
Blowing me your kiss.

I'll dry my eyes and smile at you,
Oh Joe ... I miss you so,
But, I'll see you in the candlelight,
This New Years Eve, dear Joe.


Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright 2008 all rights reserved.

Background ~ Courtesy of Jean Farrow