I sometimes think about blue skies,
And the fluffy clouds up there,
How, when we were kids, we often saw
Castles floating in the air.

I recall drawbridges over moats,
And walls and towers tall,
I won't forget their heights and depths,
Nor their vision over all.

I recall princes on white horses,
Galloping through the sky,
Their goal to rescue princesses,
From those castles up on high.

I remember seeing dragons,
With dinosaur-like tails,
That appeared from out of nowhere,
Making little folk grow pale.

Excalibur might soon be plunged
Into their heaving sides,
And the dragons would disintegrate
Before one's very eyes.

When the princes reached the palaces,
They'd dismount and go inside,
To woo the lovely princesses,
Then choose one for a bride.

And with the lady of their choice,
They'd ride off into the West,
Their horses' manes a-blowing.
A scene most picturesque.

The puffs of dust from the horses' hooves,
Would stretch out across the sky,
And finally, slowly disappear,
When the western sun had died.

Daydreams are not exclusively
A child's thing to do,
And I'll admit quite honestly
Though old, I daydream, too.

Perhaps my dreams are not the same,
As they used to be,
And I don't stare up at the sky
To see my fantasies.

But I can dream in the light of day,
Or in the dark of night,
At any time, in any way,
And my dreams are pure delight.

I see things that used to be,
My reveries are based on fact,
I see faces I once loved,
Memories keep coming back.

Places I have been and seen
Are dreams I presently allow,
And I confess, with no duress,
I also dream of heaven now.

I dream about the streets of gold,
And those mansions in the sky,
And the loved ones I will see again,
And meeting with God on high.

So adults indulge in dreaming, too,
It's not just a child's game,
Dreams, it seems, may change with age,
But dreaming remains the same.

Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright March 2003 ~ Revised 2008

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