Merry Christmas


It was a day of magic,
That day that Christ was born,
The day that the entire world,
And all its people were transformed.
It was a day of exultation,
Of much joy and great cheer,
It was a day of jubilation,
The day the Son appeared.
And it is still a day of magic,
Though it happened long ago,
It marks the time that man began
To love his Savior so.

It is a very special day,
A day of love supreme,
A day of unmatched joy,
When men celebrate their King.
It is a day for parents,
To rock babies and sing hymns,
To tell their children of the Christ,
And why men worship Him.
It is a day for little ones,
It's why they've been "good all year,"
It is a day for Santa Claus
God's first ambassador of cheer.

It is a day for older folk,
To relax and bask in reverie,
To enjoy traveling back and forth
From reality to memory.
It is a day for family,
Joined together, heart to heart,
With a love that's ever binding,
Though they may be miles apart.
It is a day when good friends meet,
Who are glad to see each other,
They hug and talk, and share their thoughts,
And show they care for one another.

It is a day of happiness,
Of forgiveness, kindness, peace,
A day that God has given men,
To help their troubles cease,
Christmas is a day of magic,
It is a day of love and bliss,
How wonderful our world would be,
If every day could be like this!
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright December 2006


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