With good reason, each Fall season,
I choose to travel country roads,
The leaves on trees are dancing then,
And they put on an awesome show!
Tantalizing, lively vixens
Tossing back their heads to laugh.
Catch them!  Catch them!  If you can,
Though we know they can't be trapped.
Falling freely, sailing smartly!
The dance of leaves begins,
Twirling, swirling, tumbling, stumbling,
At the mercy of the winds.
Every which way - no direction,
October leaves are on the go,
Front row seats for everyone,
At the grandest of God's shows.
Warm Indian summer breezes
First alert the leaves to Fall,
Then chillng gusts and icy blasts
Coat and paint them all.
All now dressed for the occasion,
In pumpkin hues and russet reds.
Startling yellows, royal purples,
And richest browns like ginger-bread.
Each tiny leaf is different,
No two prance or dance the same,
Fascinating, captivating,
A revue of wide acclaim. 
Their choreographer?  The Master!
For who else could thus design
A way to so entice us
Into leafless wintertime?
Dance on, you little beauties,
You've seized both my heart and toe,
Though Winter's waiting in the wings,
Please complete your charming show.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright October 2003 ~ Revised 2005