Similar to a cracker box,
And just about that size,
A tiny, little square-shaped place,
But a mansion in their eyes.
A choiced spot ... a Camelot,
Or so the realtor said,
A quarter acre ... that's a lot,
For folks who were apartment-bred.
They emptied out their bank account,
With Escrow almost done,
They were nervous and excited,
Scared to death by what they'd done.
All their dreams and all their plans,
Had now become reality,
This cracker box ... their Camelot,
Their house - their home - their fantasy
They tip-toed through each tiny room,
They made no noise as they walked.
Their dream must not be shattered,
Thus they whispered as they talked,
But suddenly he laughed out loud,
"THIS OUR HOUSE!" he shouted out,
Then he grabbed her round the waist,
And twirled her about.
"Look!" she cried, "The water works!"
She turned a faucet on,
It seemed more beautiful to them,
Than Niagra Falls at dawn.
They collapsed in laughter on the floor,
(No furniture, just yet),
She said, "Let's put the couch right here,"
"Why not?" he laughed, "You bet."
She wanted to hang photographs,
He pounded nails into the wall,
More nail holes now than pictures
It was their home - their house - their call.
So they hung two photos side-by-side, ,
At a site they'd planned for one,
The holes were nicely hidden ... thank you,
So no one knew what they had done.
They both giggled at their secret,
Shucks, after all, they owned this place,
There was no one to account to,
This was their house - their home - their space.
A new porch light was on their list,
They found a perfect one at Sears.
It had a million tiny bulbs,
Grander than ten chandeliers.
With excitement, he hung the light,
She flipped the switch and held her breath
And like a Broadway show at night
It lit up their house - their home - their nest.
He planted seeds, and she pulled weeds,
They bought a lawn mower for their grass,
They trimmed their bushes, pruned their trees,
Their yard began to show real class.
She made curtains for their windows,
Cottage style, with snow white lace,
Her Grandma would have been so proud,
To see their house - their home - their place.
Their rooms re-painted, their floors re-done,
Their roof re-shingled, too,
At last perhaps they could sit back,
And relax and bill and coo.
They sat upon their couch one night,
And happily looked about,
How beautiful their cracker box,
Both inside ... and out.
They could live here now for many years,
Things so wonderful, it seemed,
Everything was perfect now,
They had their house - their home - their dream.
Then shyly she smiled and looked at him,
"Sweetheart," she said, "We must move,
I'm pregnant now ... with twins," she grinned,
"And we haven't got the room!"

Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright August 2006 ~ Updated January 2009

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I wish to thank Charity's Animations
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