One, two, three, kick!  One, two, three, kick!
    Move it!  Ladies!  Move it!
Slide, slide, slide, kick!  Slide, slide, slide, kick!
Use it!  Ladies!  Use it!
Giggles, laughter, doubling-up,
No!  No!  Ladies!  Concentrate!
Ladies!  Too much levity!
Ladies!  Please cooperate!
Ladies of the chorus?  No!
Oh, I s'pose they could have been,
Thirty ... forty years ago,
Ah-h, you should have seen them then.
But be aware 'then' can't compare
With this very special time,
That what you are seeing now
Are ladies in their prime.
If you think thirty-nine is prime,
Well, I've got news for you,
Prime is more like sixty-nine,
Though the ETA is sixty-two.
Old enough to know better,
Young enough not to care,
Charm and grace now come full face,
Humor, humor, everywhere.
The ladies laugh and cry together,
They support, help, love, chastise,
They sit together, dance together,
They respect, reflect, and recognize.
Be they Ya-Ya's; be they Pearls,
The title doesn't matter,
It's the quantity of their life,
And the quality of their banter.
Oh, oh!  The whistle blows!
Everybody into the pool,
One, two, three, kick! Slide, slide, slide, kick!
Cool!  Ladies!  Cool!
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright 2002 





When this set up was created by Moon and Back Graphics it carried Bev Zuerlein's personal dedication to a special group of ladies, known as "The Pearls." I would be
remiss if I did not repeat that dedication and reinforce it with my love and respect.