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I'm some of her and some of him,
And over time I've come to see,
I'm part of every friend I have,
And every friend's a part of me.
My friends have made me what I am,
They've brought out my best and worst,
So what you see is what you get,
And it cannot be reversed.
An old adage I recall,
Which makes folks smile and say Amen,
Is, "Thank you, God, for family,"
And, "Thank you, we can choose our friends."
I know my family loves me,
And I truly do love them
But there is a special bond,
Between me and my friends.
Not united by blood or by law,
Just joined by will and by heart,
Friendships are made by choice,
And each friend will do his part.
Through the meeting of mind and spirit,
A friend is recognized,
Sometimes a handshake does it,
Sometimes the wink of an eye.
A friend is found; a friendship's formed,
A simple deed with profound effects,
A friendship can last a lifetime,
If treated with respect.
There to encourage, inspire, and love,
And to soothe all kinds of pain,
To share, and care, and just be there,
In sunshine and in rain.
To lose a friend through death
Is a sad, irreversible fact,
But to lose a friend through anger,
Is a shameful, unforgivable act.
Friends actually do consist
Of what is in each other,
I doubt we could exist,
If it weren't for one another.
Besides what text books have to say
About genes and chromosomes,
We know we also are composed,
Of every friend we've known.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright January 2004 ~ Revised May 2005

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