The child looked at her coloring book,
"Mama, what should I draw?"
"Oh, something pretty that you like, dear,
Something nice that you saw."
And so the child set to work,
With all of her crayons and paints,
Lost in a world all her own,
She painted without restraint.
At the end of the day, the child displayed
With pride, what she had done,
A sheet of many colored blobs,
"Oh, honey," Mama smiled, "What fun."
The child looked gravely at her Mom,
She spoke, as if to defend,
"I've made a picture of us all,
Our family, pets, and friends."
Then she went on to further explain
What each colored daub really meant,
Her Mom listened and watched with love,
And with honest astonishment.
"Grandma is Lavender,
Grandpa is Gray, 
Mama is Rose,
And Daddy is Beige."
"Big brother is Brown,
Baby sister is Pink,
Auntie is Blue,
Or Violet, I think." 
"The kittens have Stripes,
The puppies have Spots,
The pet turtle is Purple,
And the ants, Orange Dots." 
"The fireman's Red,
The policeman, dark Blue,
The doctor is White,
And the nurses are, too." 
"Brave soldiers are Tan,
Gardeners are Green.
And angels are Gold,
Just like in my dreams." 
"People come in all colors,
Black, Brown, White, and Red,
Jesus loves them all the same,"
The child smiled and said.
"I meant to draw a picture of God,
I couldn't, 'cuz I'm just a kid."
"Oh, darling," her Mama hugged her hard,
"You just did, sweetheart, you just did."
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
March 2003 ~ 2007 ~ 2008