Happy Holidays


Children staring through the window,
Fingers pointing at displays
Noses pressed against the glass,
Ooh's and Ahh's and Yeah's and Hey's.
Toys now, the likes of which
Older folks cannot perceive,
Far beyond their comprehension,
Adults amazed and so naive.

Computer things for savvy teens,
Robotic toys for tots,
Animals that bounce and pounce,
Push their tummies and they talk.
Expensive electronic toys,
On each wish list this year,
Desktops, laptops, hand held devices,
Every kid's an engineer.

Technical, optical, digital,
Printers, and keyboards, and mice,
Cordless, wireless, portable,
Hah! Won't this Christmas be nice!
Megabytes, gigabytes, megahertz,
The more, the merrier, it seems,
The bigger, the broader, the wider,
The better, those monitor screens.

Hardware, software, disks that save,
And drives that burn CD's,
Machines that copy, scan, and print,
And slots for DVD's.
A little girl stood at the window,
Gazing at everything with awe,
"Mama," she said and pointed,
"That's what I want ... that doll."

Propped atop a Christmas box,
High upon a plastic shelf,
Totally out of place, it seemed,
Sat a doll, all by itself.
"But, honey," her mother smiled and said,
"I doubt that dolly can talk,
She's not electronically endowed,
So she cannot creep nor walk."

"I don't care," said the little girl,
"I just want her to hold and hug,
Like mamas do for babies,
When they want to show them love."
"I want to hold her in my arms,
And rock her fast asleep,
She doesn't have to talk or walk,
Or need to cry or weep."

And so the mother bought the doll,
For her wise and precious child,
"I guess new things aren't always best,"
She decided then, and smiled.
Far better to hold a baby doll,
Than to hold a remote control,
Far better to know of hugs and love,
Than of things electronic and cold.

Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright December 2006 ~ July 2007


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