People racing through the doors,
In and out of discount stores,
Deck the halls.
Of shopping malls,
Toys are on the Second Floor!

Grab your credit cards and come,
All join in the shopping fun,
Surprise! Surprise!
Big bargain buys,
Free gift-wraps for everyone.

Made in Sri Lanka or Japan,
Who needs a flowered coffee can?
Press its thing,
Hear it ring,
It's just right for Mary Ann!

Now, what about your brother, Jim?
What do we need to get for him?
Things too fancy,
Make him antsy,
He gets nervous at a whim.

Pesticide I think is nice,
He could drink it over ice,
Sorry, honey,
That's not funny,
Guess cheap wine will just suffice.

Now, what to get for old Aunt Tilly,
Something sexy, black, and frilly,
Blonde Clairol,
Or Geritol?
Come on now; you're being silly.

Uncle Will's a real adventure,
Yep, for him, it's hard to venture,
Something sweet,
That he can eat?
Or, better yet, some decent dentures.

Hurry up, the mall may close,
But my sis wants panty hose,
Well, get large size,
To fit her thighs,
And her ample tush and toes.

Well, I think I've had enough,
Christmas shopping's just too tough,
Ho - Ho - Ho,
And away we go,
No more stockings left to stuff!

Christmas is that time of year,
We need to give each other cheer,
So here's a grin,
For your chinny-chin-chin,
Seasons Best to you, old dear!

Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright December 2003