The city council met at Nine
To debate the issues of the day,
Their session started with a prayer,
But did not end that way.
By Four O'clock a shouting match
Had erupted in the room,
Arguments and disagreements,
The whole council out of tune.
It seems that city funds were low,
And Christmas time was near,
The fight was over Christmas lights,
And other Yuletide cheer.
One side said, "We can't afford it,"
Those opposing said, "We must,
We owe it to the townsfolk,
Who've put their trust in us."
"Well, that's too bad."  They all felt sad,
"You know, life isn't always fair,"
Then they agreed no lighted tree,
No decorations in The Square.
No shiny tinsel, no colored lights,
No gleaming garlands twined around,
The town's old Fir would stand as is,
Untouched and bare upon the ground.
The townsfolk were, of course, upset,
That year'd been hard on everyone,
So many people out of work,
The town was near undone
Money tight ... no work at hand,
And Christmas looked quite bleak,
Folks depressed and in despair,
This Christmas ... bitter-sweet.
The days before Christmas came and went,
And kids were warned on Christmas Eve,
Not to plan on Santa Claus,
Or expect a Christmas tree.
Sad little faces then went to bed.
And drifted off to sleep,
Their parents snugly tucked them in,
And kissed their tear-stained cheeks.
Well, God works in mysterious ways,
As we adults have come to know,
And that very night at Midnight,
Cold winter winds began to blow.
The winds so strong, they rang the bells,
In every church and tower,
In joy, they rang out together,
As in pronouncement of the hour.
Then the heavens opened up,
And ten million snow flakes fell,
That covered every house and tree,
And spread a Christmas spell.
The moonlight shining on the snow
Reflected many times,
No Christmas lights were half as bright,
As those that this night shined.
Then in the morning ... Christmas Day,
A magic wonderland appeared,
Its beauty far surpassed
The man-made frills of prior years.
White doves that looked like angels
Sat atop the old Fir tree,
Cardinals strung green holly 'round,
For everyone to see.
Snowdrops clung like ornaments,
Crystal icicles hung from limbs,
Red petals from Poinsettias
Had been carried in by winds.
The townsfolk look in wonder
At their lovely, old Fir tree,
Dazzling in a gown of white,
And swaying merrily.
The children were delighted,
And the grownups happy, too,
God took care of everything,
He knew just what to do.
So forget the city council,
And the businesses shut down,
Neither one could spoil Christmas,
Nor the reason it was found.
Thus thank the Great Designer,
For doing things His way,
And for giving everyone
 Such a lovely Christmas Day.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright December 2003 ~ 2008










The midi is "White Christmas played
so beautifully by Margi Harrell.