Serious minded boys and girls,
Young ladies and young men,
With youthful, earnest faces,
Wreathed in grins, as they come in.
Warmly greeting one another,
Each happy to be there,
Cheerful conversation,
And soft laughter fill the air.
A good group - a friendly group,
Who had in common, one main thing,
They loved to raise their voices,
In harmony and sing.
No wait - they had another trait,
They all adored and loved their Lord,
They sang their songs in praise to Him,
When indeed their voices soared.
Choir practice every week,
At Seven, Thursday nights,
Not a chore and not a bore,
To each a pure delight.
Blest with voices like fine instruments,
All attuned to one another,
A perfect blending, too, of hearts,
With brother loving brother.
To see young faces so sincere,
As each is raised in song,
To see their eyes aglow with light,
Is to know their spirit's strong.
To hear their music in the air,
To feel their passion so revealed,
Is like listening to angels sing,
As they burst forth with heartfelt zeal.
Old songs, old hymns, old favorites,
And new music introduced,
They could sing all evening long,
Hallowed spirits on the loose.
"He walks with me and He talks with me,"
And "When the saints come marching in,"
"Hallelujah!  He is risen!"
They grin and sing it all again.
Enthusiastic, eager souls,
In divine communication,
Together, yet alone, in song,
In total dedication.
Finally, reluctantly,
Time draws to a close,
Heads are bowed in grateful prayer,
As they prepare to go.
Refreshed and nurtured by sweet hymns,
The smiles they wear are broad,
But I know one day they'll surely learn,
Their smiles were not as broad as God's.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright 2002 ~ Revised 2004

Look carefully at above photo...bottom row...3rd from right...with hand over tummy. Yep, that is yours truly a few years ago. Okay ... okay ... more than a few years ago. Sorry, I just had to include this picture.

Oh, and by the way, in a weak moment, I drew that top picture on my first computer (Windows 3.1 - 1989). I know it is pretty bad, but I couldn't part with it. *smile*

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