The movers left at Nine O'clock,
That is ... Nine O'clock P. M.
A long day, in every way,
But at last now at an end.
It was rough moving all that stuff,
And now nothing could be found,
Lots of boxes without tops-es,
And crates and cartons upside down.
But Moving Day was over, 
Fran and Art were here at last,
Overjoyed with the house,
But too blamed tired to laugh.
What struggles they'd been through,
It seemed troubles without end,
And now both had sworn a solemn oath,
To never move again!
 Fran and Art were total wrecks,
They collapsed in matching chairs,
A coffee table held their feet,
And both too pooped to care.
"Whew," said Art.  "Oh my," said Fran,
Too beat to say much else,
Then they sighed and eyed the place,
Which had drained them of their wealth.
A small, unpretentious house,
With a meager twenty rooms,
Eighteen for Fran and Art,
And one for brother, Lou.
What about the twentieth room, 
The one up in the tower?
Well, that one's saved for Charley,
For his off-duty hours.
You remember Charley?
The Ghost of Chestnut Hill?
Who was in want of a house to haunt?
Well, his wish has been fulfilled.
No respectable home on Chestnut Hill
Is complete without its ghost,
And since Charley was a relative,
He was more qualified than most.
 Well, Art and Fran just sat there,
Holding hands like they did once,
When suddenly Raena whined,
She'd heard some thumps and bumps.
At first they all were startled,
Raena's cries turned into barks,
"CHARLEY'S HOME!" squealed Franny,
Then, heartily laughed Art.
Every light in the house was on,
Like a gala party taking place,
Contented, though exhausted,
There were broad smiles on each face.
"Ain't this grand!" sighed Franny,
"You got that right!" cried Art,
Then Charley turned off all their lights,
And left them sitting in the dark.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright September 2003



C H A R L E Y !



To Fran and Art
Congratulations on your new home!
Keep the light on for us. We'll be there soon!
The Pearls