Cheer up, Priscilla,
You look so sad,
Really, Priscilla,
Things aren't that bad.
Go fetch your ball, girl,
We'll do a few rounds,
Come on, Priscilla,
Get rid of that frown.
Look at the sunshine,
What a beautiful day,
Now, go find a toy,
We'll go out and play.

Smile, Miss Priss,
Cheer up, little friend,
The world's still here,
It's not come to an end.
How would you like
A sweet doggy treat?
Something to chew on?
Something to eat?
There you go, girl,
How's that, Miss Priss?,
Come up on my lap,
Nothing better than this.

Don't worry, old girl,
He will be back,
His Guardian Angel
Will see to that.
When he was little,
Not too long ago,
I knew one day he'd leave,
Boys do that, you know.
He grew up so fast,
Our dear, little boy,
And you, little Miss Priss,
Were his pride and joy.

I recall when you came,
How you and he played,
And I know you still would,
Were he here today.
You know what, Priscilla?
At this very moment in time,
I'll bet he's thinking of you,
And hoping you're fine.
Well, cheer up, old girl,
Sure, I miss him, too,
But we still have each other,
And we will make do.

So no matter how tough
This seems to be,
Just remember, Priscilla,
School gets out at Three!
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright August 2004