The cat sat in the morning sun,
Soaking up its warming rays,
She cleaned her whiskers one by one,
Such a lazy, happy day.
She arched her back, which felt so good,
Then she stretched out upon the ground,
That, too, felt good just as it should,
She softly purred and looked around
Then ... suddenly ... RED ALERT!
A pesky fly flew by,
Attention cat!  Get to work!
That nasty fly must DIE!

A buzz, buzz here and a buzz, buzz there,
The fly lit upon the kitten's nose,
Sure, he could have landed anywhere,
But it was her nose he chose.
Well, flies and noses do not mix,
They're simply not compatible,
The cat began to itch and twitch,
And almost grew spasmatical.
She jumped and leaped a hundred ways,
Rolled on her tummy and her back,
She could not shoo the fly away,
The cat was under mad attack.

She batted at him with her paws,
She meowed, she hissed, she cried,
He did not stop, nor did he pause
Nothing could affect that fly.
A predicament as big as this,
Called for greater cat reaction,
It was not enough to cry and hiss,
There must be more drastic action.
So, wiser than her tender years,
The cat stuck out her tiny tongue,
"Oh my!" said the fly, "Lookie here!
Something pink to eat!  Yum yum!"

Enticed by a bait, before unseen,
With glee, the greedy fly attacked,
Quickly, like a well-oiled machine,
The cat's jaw snapped; the fly was trapped!
With a gulp and a burp and a smile,
The cat laid back in the sun,
Her actions, it seemed, were worthwhile,
And she liked what she had done.
The circle of life goes on and on,
The fly is dead; long live the cat!
May she now sleep soundly in the sun,
Life is good ... and that is that!

Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright July 2007
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