"Have you heard the latest word,
About the hen house down the road?"
"No, no - Tell us, Gladys,
Before we all explode!"
"Cackle, Cackle, chuckle, chuckle!"
The hens were on a roll,
They loved to get together,
To dish the dirt, you know.
"Well ... Ethel said that Mable said,
They'd gussied-up the place,
Painted it from stem to stern,
Gave it a brand-new face."
"Well, whoopty-doo," said Alice,
"A can of paint comes cheap,
That sounds like no big deal to me,
I won't lose any sleep."
"Well ... really they did more than that,"
Gladys added with a giggle,
"They put on another room,
Now they've got more space to wiggle."
"No-o-o," the hens all gasped as one,
"They've got more wiggle room?"
They flapped their wings, jumped up and down,
And shook their little plumes.

"Now wait, there's more," said Gladys,
"And this you won't believe,
But it comes from an honest source,
Who has no reason to deceive."
"Cackle, cackle - tell us, girl,"
The hen house then grew quiet.
"Gladys, you can count on us.
We'll keep your secret private."
"They've installed an air-conditioner,
For the summer heat, you know,
And then they added (hang on, ladies),
Radiant heating for the cold!"
"Goodness, gracious, sakes alive!"
The hen house went berserk!
"I don't believe you, Gladys,"
Said Alice with a smirk.
"That makes me no never mind,"
Huffed Gladys, looking down her beak,
Then she shrugged her feathered shoulders,
Saying, "They did this just last week."
"And one thing more (I'm not done yet),
They hooked up a radio,
They play it all night long and day,
M-m-m, just hear that music flow."

"Oh-h," the hens were all a-twitter,
Such luxury - such elegance,
They quivered with excitement,
As they set upon their nests.
"Say, ladies, if you believe this,
The Brooklyn Bridge is up for sale,"
Alice sniggered snidely,
"Don't you love these fairy tales?"
Not undone a bit by Alice,
(Gladys knew her all too well),
She just chuckled and she cackled,
"Oh, Alice, go to ----!"
Later on that evening,
Herb, the rooster, came to call,
He verified the story,
And said he'd seen it all.

He had strutted down the road,
And he'd seen the place himself,
He really liked the new look,
And the hens roosting on the shelf.
 But Herbie liked this hen house best,
And he had a thing for Gladys,
Together they would cackle, cackle,
And they oft out-cackled Alice.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright September 2002