Ordered Pharaoh, evil king,
Fearful of Israeli numbers,
And the threats increases bring.
His edict had come down,
And the soldiers, following orders,
Searched the countryside and towns.
The screams of mothers, fathers, sisters,
Were heard throughout the land,
As the tiny baby boys
Were seized by hostile hands.
One handsome baby boy,
Who'd been handpicked by God above,
Was well hidden and protected,
By a mother filled with love.
When the soldiers then drew nigh,
She grabbed her child and ran,
She placed him in a safe container,
In the river, close at hand.
He floated down the watercourse,
'Till at last caught in some weeds,
There, spotted by the Pharaoh's daughter,
Who told her servants, "Bring him, please."
So smitten with his beauty,
And moved by the baby's tears,
She took him to her heart,
And comforted his fears.
Thus, began the life of baby Moses,
Who would become a man of God,
A man for whom a sea was stopped,
A man to whom God gave His laws.
A child chosen by the Father,
To one day lead his people home,
Led by a pillar and a cloud,
As holy chaperones.
God, in all His wisdom,
Had made Moses Number-one,
Who then, with God's direction,
Helped lay groundwork for the Son.

Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright 2000

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