A Broken Shuttle - Broken Hearts

Dedicated.  Vision-filled.
High achievers.  Dreamers all.
Bright.  Young.  Earnest.  Eager.
America's pride.  Held in awe.
In a heart beat they were taken,
None of us could say good-bye,
But God was there to gently lift them ,
And give them new wings with which to fly.
Of the few short years they lived,
Which was really hardly any,
They lived more in those few years
Than most men do in many.
A broken shuttle - broken hearts,
Seven more stars are in God's sky.
Seven more places at God's table,
Seven more angels now on high.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright February 2003

My thanks to Graham Cracker
for the graphic of the shuttle crew used here.


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