Jenny caught the bride's bouquet,
It was quite by accident,
It really wasn't planned that way,
Just an unforeseen event.
Poor nearsighted Jenny
Hardly saw it come her way,
She raised her arms in self-defense,
And caught the bride's bouquet.
A simple, quiet, timid soul,
Alone and standing at the side,
And when showered with those flowers,
Little Jenny almost died.
That night she took the flowers home,
And placed them in a plain glass vase,
She smiled as she admired them,
How they brightened up her place.
More than a dozen baby rose buds
Were squeezed tightly in that glass,
And as Jenny gazed upon them,
They seemed to give the room some class.
She smelled their aroma through the night,
And by dawn, they'd fully bloomed,
Jenny, happy and excited,
Did a two-step round the room.
She opened all the windows,
And let in the morning air,
Then placed the roses on the sill
To catch the sunshine there.
Once more she looked about her room,
Which did seem colorless and plain,
The roses were the one bright spot,
They put the rest to shame.
Color - that's what Jenny needed,
Some bright and cheerful hues,
New drapes, perhaps, with yellow stripes,
And fringed with pinks or blues.
Maybe green pillows for the couch,
And a touch of red somewhere,
A new lamp of gold, she thought,
Might look nice by that old chair.
Jenny's head was spinning,
It reeled with all her thoughts,
Why, she could turn this place into
A real live Camelot.
She closed her eyes and dreamed,
Dreamed of her new treasures,
And soon, it seemed, the house was full
Of things that brought her pleasure.

But then the roses, one by one,
Began to drop away,
The tiny, fading petals,
At last had seen their day.
She cried as she wrapped the broken stems,
And scooped up the fallen blooms,
Her transformed, cheerful place
Then took on a mood of gloom.
She didn't put the vase away,
Though emptied now and bare,
Dumb, drab, old glass thing,
It needed flowers there.
Quick to the phone went Jenny,
To call the flower shop,
"A bride's bouquet - please bring today,"
Her heart went flippity-flop.
Shortly the florist's truck pulled up,
And Jenny opened her front door,
Soon the place took on the look
That it had held before.
Jenny took the flowers,
And danced about the room,
And so filled with joy Jenny was,
She herself began to bloom.
From then on, every week
Jenny ordered flowers,
And their arrival, fresh and sweet,
Gave her many happy hours.
Each week the delivery man
Noticed Jenny changing, too,
 Now an element of beauty showed,
That before she never knew.
He looked forward to his weekly trips,
And often brought her extra blooms
 Shyly, she accepted them,
And asked him in one afternoon.
"What a delightful place," he smiled,
"So fitting for a girl like you."
Then demurely she replied,
"Flowers made this all come true."
Then she told him the wonderful tale,
Of how she caught the bride's bouquet,
 And suddenly love caught them both,
In a similar, unforeseen way!
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright July 2003 ~ Revised 2008



The midi file is "Heart's Desire,"
played so beautifully by Margi Harrell.