The mighty ocean posed no threat,
As he set out undaunted,
The challenge of the open sea,
Indeed, was what he wanted.
His craft was small, but worthy,
He knew it through and through,
Just like the back of his hand,
He knew what it could do.
The waves were big and angry,
As they crashed across the bow,
He roared with laughter at them,
More invigorated now.
The waves grew ever higher,
He feared he was off course,
No stars above to guide him,
Yet he sailed on, without remorse.
A hearty, robust seaman, he,
Who could not admit defeat,
Defiantly he shook his fist,
As the vessel groaned and creaked.
The fury of the water rose,
He sensed the passion of the sea,
He fought between delight and fright
"A-HA!" he cried, "YOU CAN'T TAKE ME!"
Churning waters ... suds-like foam,
Smelling of disaster,
He bared his chest and roared some more,
He held fast; he'd not give in,
As long as he had breath,
He'd met this battle oft before,
He had no fear of death.
But suddenly there came a calm,
The water was receding,
Oh no - a dreaded whirlpool!
Another danger breeding.
Powerless, he could not fight,
The pressure strong and unforgiving,
Taking everything in sight,
Its force, coercive and unyielding.
With all hope done, he would succumb,
Then ... his mother wrapped him in a towel,
For little seamen must be dried.
"How was your voyage, Son?" she asked,
"Cool, Mom ... I almost made it, too,
If you hadn't pulled the plug,
I would have made it through."
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright December 2002

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