How much are those toys in the window?
That big dog looks like my Pop,
I wish that I could buy him,
But I know that I cannot.
See the puppy with the droopy ears,
I'd like to play with him,
My ears hang down a lot like his,
I wonder if we're kin.
Who put the spots on Old Spotty there?
Do dogs really come like that?
Oh oh, do you see what I see?
"I tink I tee a puddy tat!"
This is my favorite place to come,
When I can get away,
Funny - I want in, and they want out,
We only want to play.
Well, even if we can't do that,
I can wag my tail and shake my paw,
And if you could, I know you would,
I think I love you all.
But, in the meantime, I'll be here,
When my gate is left unlocked,
Though, as you know, I have no dough.
But I just love to Window Shop!
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright 2002





The Painting:
The painting is
Tom Sierakand used with his permission.
 The name of the painting is "The *Toy* Shopper".   

The Toy Shopper