The Reverend Mister Hugby Jones,
Died many years ago,
But stories of him still are told,
Because folks loved him so.
His claim to everlasting fame,
Was, of course, his wondrous hugs,
No other preacher, country-wide,
Had ever offered so much love.
When he was just a little boy,
His hugging talents came to light,
He hugged his Mama and his Daddy,
Every morning, noon, and night.
He hugged everything around him,
Trees and plants, and dogs and cats,
And he felt very sad indeed,
When they did not hug him back.
Though his Father was embarrassed,
His Mom said, "Let the child alone,
Better he a hugger be,
Than a man made out of stone."
So his Mom encouraged Hugby,
And said, "Keep on hugging, boy,
When you grow up, your hugs will give,
The world a lot of joy."
So Hugby kept on hugging,
And worked out his own technique,
Though his arms were short and chubby,
His hugs were warm and sweet.
As he grew older, Hugby learned,
Hugs could be miraculous,
For how they made another feel,
Was nothing short of fabulous.
So Hugby hugged his way through school,
He hugged each classmate in his class,
He hugged his coaches and his teachers,
And with high honors, Hugby passed.
He did post grad work at Preacher school,
Which was engrossing and enthralling,
No other field so full of love,
Hugby knew he'd found his calling.
The Reverend Mister Hugby Jones,
Became a Doctor of Divinity,
Which gave him license then to hug,
And love without timidity.
After Hugby's graduation,
With a new Bible and new suit,
He headed out into the world,
To spread the Good Book's truth.
He wandered till he found a church,
That was in great need and dire distress,
He offered free his services,
And the church elders all said, "YES!"
He simply started out by hugging,
All the members of the church,
Who, in turn, hugged one another,
As they learned that love comes first.
Hugby's preaching was exceptional,
But, if for truth, folks felt hard-pressed,
They confessed they came to Hugby's church,
Because they liked his hugs the best.
Soon Hugby's church became well known,
Based on his reputation.
And people came from all around,
To partake of his hugations.
He hugged folks on arrival,
And on departure at the door,
And sometimes when the plate was passed,
Hugby stopped and hugged some more.
So full of love was Hugby's church,
The good Lord himself smiled down,
For even He felt welcomed, too,
A phenomenon profound!
Thus was the start of the career,
Of the Reverend Hugby Jones,
Whose gift for love and skill for hugs,
Made his church a special home.
Those of you who are familiar,
With the rest of Hugby's life,
Know the Reverend Mister Hugby Jones.
One day took himself a wife.
And the Reverend and the Missus
Together had a son,
Who had his Father's qualities,
And kept the hugging huggin' on.
When Hugby died and went to heaven,
His son carried on in Hugby's style
Which meant he, too, hugged everyone,
While up in heaven, Hugby smiled.
So Hugby's hugging did not stop,
When Hugby Jones was gone,
For Hugby's legacy of hugs,
Lived on... and on ... and on!
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright June 2007
This is the fourth installment in the saga of
The Reverend Mister and Missus Hugby Jones.
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