Big Wapiti

Big Wapiti of the forests,
Of the fields and of the plains,
Spirited, majestic beast,
Whose strength and power reigns.
Born of a docile, tiny deer,
Sired by an Old World elk,
His destiny could only be
A sovereignty unparalleled.
If challenged or disturbed,
He snorts with anger, paws the ground,
Looks about, throws back his head,
Then flaunts his antlered crown.
Stand back!  This terrain is his!
Bow down!  He rules this land!
Stay down wind in the thicket!
This massive beast is in command!
Admire him from a distance,
But do not cross his path,
Do not let him catch your scent,
Lest you invoke his wrath.
Snow and ice, his winter playground,
A heavy hide, his winter suit,
Palmated horns, his winter hat,
And hooves of steel, his winter boots.
Outfitted by the Lord Himself,
To withstand the elements,
Then armed with antlers on his head,
The tools for his defense.
One of God's own creatures,
So perfectly designed,
He bows only to his God,
And never to mankind.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright October 2006