Like a fallen bird she lay,
Unmoving, quiet, still,
Cold now, devoid of warmth,
The air about her, chill.
A satin pillow for her head,
A rose upon her breast,
In slumber now forever,
At her eternal rest.
Like a marble sculpture,
Her beauty set in stone,
Unblemished, perfect, not a mar,
As by an artist, honed.
Though there ought to be some signs
That showed the ravages of age,
Her wrinkles, furrows all but gone,
Age had not claimed its wage.
A face relaxed in true repose,
One almost jealous of such peace,
The secrets now of life and death
To her have been released.
A full life and a long life,
Her plate was always full,
She embraced life as a lover,
And made it wonderful.
She had her shares of tears and joys,
Some of this and some of that,
Win or lose, she fought good battles,
Fair and always tit for tat.
A lady of integrity,
Who called a spade a spade,
Honest, almost to a fault,
Who never played charades.
A little vain, perhaps,
But, then again, why not?
Beauty like hers, a rarity,
It was meant to flaunt.
One couldn't help but smile,
When one saw her sit or stand,
Picture perfect in every way,
Even when it wasn't planned.
Resting now in silk and satin,
Ready for another phase,
Dressed for it impeccably ,
And for her exit from this stage.
I always did admire her,
She handled things with ease
Composed, tasteful and refined,
Yet loved to laugh and tease.
I, for one, will not forget her,
I know I've been forever changed,
A part of her is in my heart,
And I am not the same.
I loved my friend; I never told her,
She left before I could,
But I wonder, if I'd had the chance,
Would I have spoken, as I should.
Too quickly loved ones get away,
And cherished friends depart,
Silent tongues beget regrets,
Blessings come from sharing hearts.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright September 2003

For my beautiful friend, Dawn D. Roberts
July 1915 ~ September 2003




The midi is "A Pretty Girl is Like a Melody"
played so beautifully by Margi Harrell.