Quietly, he entered the room,
And found his designated place,
He greeted his friends close by,
With a nod and grin on his face.
She also slipped into the room,
And found her place and sat,
Her table companions met her, too,
With broad smiles and warm chit-chat.
The banquet table was very long,
They were seated at either end,
Too far for conversation,
Or pleasantries to begin.
He spotted her at once, of course,
And she quickly glanced his way,
For an instant they connected,
Though no emotion gave them away.
Yet from the distance where they sat,
Each felt drawn to the other,
Like magnets, their eyes met,
And held on to one another.
The softness of the candlelight,
In no way dimmed their vision,
In fact, it just enhanced,
And stressed the magnetism.
There was light banter at the table,
And muffled laughter here and there,
The guests were affable and genial,
A gracious, friendly, warm affair.
The table, perfect in every detail,
Each setting sparkled and gleamed,
And at each place lay one red rose,
The theme of the party, it seemed.
The man smiled as he picked up his rose,
He raised it meaningfully to his lips,
And with a wave, he then conveyed,
He was sending the lady a kiss.
He raised his glass in a silent toast,
She smiled and raised hers, too,
No one else seemed to have noticed,
The link between the two.
Perhaps he was out of line,
After all, they had not spoken yet,
But the night was young and promising,
And he felt there'd be no regrets.
Her heartbeat was fast and loud,
Was anyone else aware?
She looked about ... embarrassed,
And squirmed a bit in her chair.
Then a bell like sound was heard,
As a crystal glass was tapped
A young man stood and cleared his throat,
The guests stopped their talk and sat back.
"Congratulations, Mom and Dad!"
He spoke, "We're here to celebrate
Your fifty years of wedded bliss,
On this very special date."
The man and the women smiled proudly,
Their eyes then turned on their son,
The greatest joy of their fifty years,
Their proof of a job well done.
They both rose from their seats,
And joined their son where he stood,
They hugged and kissed and cried,
Everyone understood.
More kisses and hugs were shared all around,
And then the dancing began,
The lady and man led off with a waltz,
In a manner simple and grand.
When at last the party wound down,
And the candles were snuffed of their light,
Everyone left with love in their eyes,
What a wonderful, beautiful night.
The man and the woman stood arm in arm,
Bidding their guests adieu,
Then they left to commence the next fifty years,
Of a marriage re-blest and renewed.
"You're lovely," the man told the woman,
"You're a shameless, old flirt," she said,
They laughed and smiled, as much in love,
As on that same day they were wed.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
January 2005 ~ Revised 2006