Is that a furrow on your forehead,
And a tiny frown upon your face?
Whatever shall I do with you
To get them both erased?
A pouty lip is not becoming,
Nor sad tears upon your cheek,
What awful thing has happened
To make my baby weep?
Your tiny body's racked with sobs,
Your baby face is red,
Your little arms wave frantically,
Your chubby legs dance on the bed.
I will take this squirming bundle,
And with my arms create a nest,
There, there, my little armful,
No more tears while you're at rest.
This world, I think, is frightening,
I understand your fears,
But, oh my darling baby,
That's why your Mama's here.
So close your eyes and trust me,
I will hum a lullaby,
The two of us will rock together,
Until you no longer cry.
Your dilemma solved so easily,
Your baby tears now gone,
Would I could do this for you, darling,
Throughout your lifetime on.
When you've grown and left my side,
You won't remember this,
You will not recall at all
How you were soothed and kissed.
 But I think I understand
Why you cry, my dear,
Leaving heaven, coming earthward,
Is reason enough for tears.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright November 2002 ~ Revised 2005 ~ 2006