I don't know if this happened,
Or if it was a dream.
I only know it wakened me,
So very real it seemed.
A pair of wings flew down to me,
At first I was afraid.
I did not try to fend them off,
It seemed I wanted them to stay.

They were snowy white and silky soft,
With a scent of sweet, fresh air.
I inhaled deeply - held my breath,
I sensed an angel there.
Larger than I could have dreamed,
The wings had great strength and power.
They easily could have carried me,
I was fearful, and I cowered.

Then curiosity took hold,
I lay still; what would happen next?
Those wings hugged me and engulfed me,
It was pure love I sensed.
I lay back; my head was reeling,
So many thoughts rushed through.
Was this an angel sent to fetch me,
If so, what do I do?

The wings held me for a moment,,
There was a soft kiss on my cheek.
I'd never felt this way before,
I was at perfect peace.
And then the wings unfolded,
They were no longer holding me,
The sweet aroma left the room.
And I awakened instantly.

I lay quietly and still,
Running all this through my head,
Was this a dream, or was this real?
Was there an angel at my bed?
If it were true, I'd like to know,
Why the angel did not take me.
Willingly, I would have gone,
For I knew heaven did await me.

But, were it a dream - same question,
Plus, why wake me 'fore it's through?
I'd have liked a glimpse of heaven,
And had a preview, too.
Well, either way, I'm grateful,
I've been blest to have a peek.
At an angel with strong, loving wings,
That gently kisses cheeks.

Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
copyright 2001

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