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Angel In Your Pocket

Author Virginia Ellis
Copyright 1999

Pocket Angel graphic was a gift from Sharon Roberts, who
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Someone has dishonestly taken "Angel In Your Pocket" from Ginny's web page, eliminated a verse, changed the title to "A Tiny Angel" and placed it on the internet with "Author Unknown." Ginny has written this response on behalf of this "Wayward Angel."

"God's Speed, My Angel"

Among the many blessings,
That God has sent my way.
Was a tiny pocket Angel,
That fluttered in one day.

God placed her in a pocket,
She seemed quite happy there.
She did her job of guarding,
And providing Angel care.

I loved that tiny Angel,
But soon word reached my ears.
She had been seen in Switzerland,
And China and Algiers.

I wondered if she'd flown away?
So I took another look.
And there she was, where she belonged,
Right in her pocket nook.

How could it be that she was seen?
In a strange and foreign land.
Yet still be in her pocket home?
I did not understand.

My guess is God made more than one,
He might have made a pair.
When a pocket picker picked up one,
He left the other there.

Blessings on you, pocket picker,
Whoever you may be.
You badly need an Angel,
Maybe two or three!

And God's Speed to you, my Angel,
No matter where you are.
I'm glad God made you shareable,
With all souls near and far!

Virginia Ellis
Copyright 1999
Written Permission needed.

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