Don't step on the cat,
Her tail or her toes,
Because such an act
Will cause terrible woes.
A stepped-upon feline
Will turn into a beast,
That arches her spine,
And makes awful cat shrieks.

No sniveling there,
No whimpering here,
She'll just fill the air,
With loud yowls, my dear.
Will she be forgiving?
No!  Not for awhile,
Most likely, misgiving,
For that's a cat's style.

It's better you learn
To step way around,
And avoid her stern,
While she's lying down.
So, wherever she is,
Or, wherever she's at,
Please make it your biz
To step over the cat.

A feline is wise,
She won't budge like a dog,
Thus please be advised,
She knows you're not God.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright January 2004




The happy midi file is the "playful" work of
Midi-Margi Harrell.