Out of the blue, the monster came,
And began its merciless attack,
Its watery claws snatched up everyone,
That dared to cross its path.
God bless the mother whose tiny babe,
Was wrestled from her hands,
Whose lifeless form was tossed and turned,
Upon the churning sands.
God bless the father who fought the water,
 To save his baby boy,
Yet the greedy sea claimed victory,
And stole his pride and joy. 
God bless the children who ran with glee,
To see the massive waves.
They could not know nor comprehend,
They were racing to their graves.
God bless the loved ones washed out to sea,
And those battered upon the shore,
And God bless those who watched from the heights,
Until they could watch no more.
We have no right to question God,
Yet we cannot help but wonder why
So many folks were lost and hurt,
And why so many had to die.
Innocence, now gone forever.
Earth, shaken to its very core,
This world, forsaken by mankind,
Soon may exist no more.
God help those in their misery,
And forgive them of their sins,
Receive and cherish each soul lost,
And be with us all.  Amen!
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright December 2004 ~ Revised 2007