I relax upon a pillow,
Of boughs and leaves of green,
I gaze into the sky above,
It is my time to dream.
I release my mind and free my heart,
I let the wind take me where it will,
I become a dancing leaf,
I am free and I am thrilled.

My lungs inhale the fresh, sweet air,
Washed clean by morning mists,
I savor every breath I breathe,
Like ambrosia on a golden dish.
I have this urge to feel and touch,
And encompass all I see,
Each awesome sight within my mind,
The wonders of my dream.

I am taken far beyond
The mundane things of life,
I float upon white fleecy clouds,
I am fairy-like and light.
I am a child of innocence,
Next I am old with wisdom,
Then I am a bit of each,
Which contributes to my vision.

I dream of love and God above,
I see angels on the wing,
I hear their lovely harps of gold,
And I hear their voices sing.
I must not close my eyes,
Lest I would slip away,
But how temptation beckons me,
To leave this world and stay.

I must embrace it all
Else my dream not be complete,
I have this overwhelming love,
For every soul I meet.
I dream with passion and compassion,
I love the things of which I dream,
For a moment I escape
To places only I have seen.

The peace and love within my dreams,
I cannot give to you,
But I can wish you time to dream,
So you may find your joy, too.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright July 2004 ~ Revised 2008






The very appropriate music playing is an original composition of
Margi Harrell's, entitled "Dreams," and, of course, is played by her.
Isn't it lovely?