Don't cry, little sister, don't cry,
God knows of your heartache and pain,
He's aware you need holding and love now,
He has sent me to help and sustain.

I'm here, little sister, I'm here,
Your hurts will cease; you will see,
Close your sweet eyes and rest now,
Shortly you will be pain free.

I'll help, little sister, I'll help,
That's why, precious soul, I have come,
To relieve you of your distress now,
So, be at ease with me, little one.

A woman you are now in stature,
Though a child still lives in your heart,
I know of the tears you have shed, dear,
When alone in your room in the dark.

It's all right, little sister, to cry,
Let the tears freely flow down your cheek,
Those sad tears I shall replace now,
With tears of joy together we'll weep.

There, there, little sister, there, there,
You're safe; it's important you know,
You're safe in the arms of an angel,
Sent by your Father, who loves you so.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright March 2002

For Two Special Sisters, Dottie and Donna